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We Love Positive Reviews

We got the kindest email from one of our recent clients and wanted to share. Our agents are always dedicated to help serve you and make your real estate experince the best.

Thank you Danielle for your kind words! 


"I wanted to take a moment to share the experience that I had with The Sanders Team in buying my first home. When I first met Yessica I was unsure of the market, what I was even looking for and the home buying process in general. She met me out for coffee and explained all of the benefits of your team and how you truly are a TEAM. She took me to see numerous homes over the course of almost one year and never let me get discouraged or give up when I wanted to because the market is so competitive. I asked a lot of her and kept her busy with texts and questions but she never failed to respond or put us in touch with someone who was qualified to answer our questions if it was out of her realm (finances, inspections, etc.). When Yessica was unable to show a home, she teamed with Connie who was equally as helpful, kind and responsive. I closed on a home on Tuesday and could not be happier with the location, home and price. As Yessica said, "be patient and the right one will come along" and those words ring true! I will recommend the Sanders team to any of my friends or colleagues who are looking to buy a home. Thank you again for providing such a professional, knowledgeable and all around wonderful team!"


Danielle Mabeus

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Join Sanders Team Realty

Looking for an amazing team to join! Check us out! 

We are a work hard, play hard family. We supply our agents with a fun and positive environment to grow. Our values are the key to our success. 

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Welcome Our Newest Agents!

We are so excited to have 4 new agents join the team! We can't wait to work with you all! 

Mari Rollins - Realtor

Mari Rollins - Realtor

Rich Sells - Associate Broker

Rich Sells - Associate Broker

Deidra Greer - Realtor

Deidra Greer - Realtor

Christina Williams

Christina Williams

Adrienne Wilcoxson
Using Your Tax Refund as Your Down Payment!
tax refund.jpg

USE YOUR TAX REFUND TO BUY A HOME - Jon Maguire - Academy Mortgage

Want to buy a home, but are concerned with not having enough $$$$ saved up?  A very common MYTH in the housing/mortgage industry is that a person is required to have at least 20% down payment to purchase a home.  This is absolutely NOT TRUE.  In fact, here are some Mortgage Loan Programs currently available in the marketplace:

·         VA loans as low as 0% down (*Active/former Military)

·         USDA loans as low as 0% down (*Properties must be in qualifying ‘rural’ areas)

·         Down Payment Assistance Programs can allow for at/near 0% down

·         Conventional loans as low as 3% down

·         FHA loans as low as 3.5% down (or even LESS on some “HUD FORECLOSURE” homes)

So there are CLEARLY many mortgage programs that do not require anywhere near 20% down.  That said, it’s also now TAX TIME!  This time of year always provides an EXCELLENT opportunity for more consumers to become homebuyers through the use of their TAX REFUND to help buy a home!  You absolutely CAN use this money toward a home purchase, since it’s YOUR money!  Some people get sizeable refunds that can account for all/most of any needed down payment.  For others, it simply provides that “cushion” of extra funds that they needed to move forward.  So contact us any time to discuss any of these options, or if you wish to get preapproved.

Adrienne Wilcoxson
January 2018 Agent of the Month!

Congratulations to

Yessica Etchebarne

Our Jan 2018 Agent of the Month!


About Yessica:

If you are looking for an honest, hardworking and overall the sweetest agent you will ever find then Yessica Etchebarne is the agent to use! She has a spectacular eye for finding that something special and will work nonstop until she finds her client that perfect home. Being a local native she has extensive knowledge of the North Metro area and uses that to her advantage when looking for her clients the perfect home.

In her free time, Yessica runs the non-profit organization, The Naked Feet Foundation. In her foundation, they collect and supply shoes to underprivileged children worldwide. She also has a pre-teen son and 3-year-old daughter that keeps her constantly on her toes. She also enjoys traveling weekend getaways with her husband, crafting, cooking and going out dancing. 

Yessica decided to join Sanders Team Realty in early 2017. She loved how they were structured and how they were there to help each and every agent of the team grow. After meeting the owners Greg and Michelle, she knew they were the perfect fit and has been successful with them ever since starting. 

Her promise to her clients is that she will not pressure them with their transaction, she will also be honest and real with the entire process. She treats every client like family and loves to help them find that perfect home.

Adrienne Wilcoxson
Debunking the Myths - Home Lending

DEBUNKING THE MYTHS!!! - Jon Maguire - Academy Mortgage

When it comes to obtaining a mortgage and buying a home, there are unfortunately a lot of MYTHS out there which often times dissuades people from buying a home.  And between the general Media and ever-growing Social Media often spreading information that is downright FALSE, it becomes increasingly difficult for Consumers to separate the FACT from the FICTION.  So let’s debunk a few common and current MYTHS about qualifying for a mortgage [to buy a Home]:

THE MYTH:  A person will generally need 20% (or more) as a Down Payment to buy a home.  This is utterly INCORRECT!

THE FACT:  Even TODAY, Loan Programs still exist with as little as 0% DOWN.  Additionally, Down Payment Assistance still exist as well

THE MYTH:  A person will need GOOD/EXCELLENT credit to buy a home.  This is absolutely FALSE!

THE FACT:  Right now, Consumers can potentially qualify with Credit Scores as low as 580+.  And if a person CAN do 20%+ down payment, sometimes even lower than that

THE MYTH:  Having my Credit pulled by a Bank/Lender will cause my Credit Score to plummet Significantly.  WRONG AGAIN!

THE FACT:  Having your Credit pulled by a lender will generally result in a credit score decrease of only 3 to 5 points.  And this is a TEMPORARY decrease (NOT permanent), so most people’s credit score rebounds quickly thereafter

THE  MYTH:  A person has to have a sizeable Income to qualify for a mortgage.  NOT TRUE!

THE FACT:  Qualifying for a Mortgage is never about ONLY your income; it’s about INCOME in relation to DEBT.  A person with low Income but very little Debt may be surprised at how much they can qualify for

Meet our 2017 Agent of the Year!
Greg Sanders, Tricia Tierno, Michelle Sanders

Greg Sanders, Tricia Tierno, Michelle Sanders

Meet our 2017 Agent of the Year Tricia Tierno!

Tricia is a results-oriented agent who dedicates 100% of her resources to success.  Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Tricia moved to the Los Angeles area to study dance at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts.  Pursuing a passion for music, Tricia accepted a role at Universal Music Enterprises.  After 21 years sitting behind a desk, Tricia was ready to pursue another of her dreams: real estate.  She followed her family to Georgia and immediately began her career in real estate.  Tricia brings a fresh and innovative view of the north Georgia market.  Her knowledge of Woodstock, East Cobb, Cherokee county and the surrounding areas is unparalleled.

During her free time, Tricia enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and going to the gym. She also loves pursuing various charities and has a soft spot with animal organizations. She loves being creative and loves to use her creativity to create things for her clients. 

Tricia joined Sanders Team Realty because of the owners Greg and Michelle Sanders. She recognized how successful they had been in the business. With their leadership and support she knew she could grow to be a top agent on the team. From the day she met them, she knew they were the team for her!

Her promise to her clients is to be detailed oriented, have a high level of communication, and offer a smooth transaction. She is honest, hardworking and will stand with her client every step of the way. She will provide additional resources and is always available for questions. She loves to make shopping for a home adventurous and exciting! 

Adrienne Wilcoxson